Times New Roman Characteristics

Times New Roman is a serif typeface that is very famous in the world of typography. This Font was made by Victor Lardent. Times New Roman was first used in the British newspaper The Times in 1931. Times New Roman is very popular in the world, even the Times New Roman font is often used as an official font in many countries around the world.

Jump into the discussion, Times new roman is similar to other serif typeface, but when viewed closely, this font has many characteristics that are not found in other serif typeface.

Here are some characteristics of the times new roman :

Strong and resolute character letters.
In Times New Roman, almost all the letters are made firm and strong, even all the side shoots of the letters look sharp.

Thinner and Slimmer than Serif font.
When compared with other serif font like Georgia, Book Antiqua, or the Modern 20, letter Times New Roman look thinner and slimmer.

All the side shoots of the letters look sharp.
Shoots of times new roman font looks very sharp, This is what makes times new roman different from other fonts.


Agus Mulyadi