How to get rid of carpet beetles permanently

How to get rid of carpet beetles | Generally, there are several types of common carpet beetle nesting in the houses, but the most common is furniture carpet beetle (Anthrenus flavipes). Carpet beetle has a very small size, they move very slowly but has a very dominant deployment. They are usually more active in the summer.

How to get rid of carpet beetles permanently

Carpet beetle is a voracious pests, they feed a lot of things: wool, leather, and even leftovers. This makes beetles can be found in almost every corner of the house, especially in your home carpet, because carpet is a place where dirt or leftovers stuck and rarely cleaned.

How to get rid of carpet beetles in my bed

There are many ways that you can do to get rid of carpet beetles permanently, here are some ways you can do to ward off these annoying pests.

Clean up your bed sheets or cloth used as bedding your pets. Do not hoard your dirty clothes too long.

It would be better if you find out where the beetles lay their eggs and discard it. Try to eliminate the bird's nest or a beehive around your house, as both are a perfect area for adult beetles to lay their eggs.

If you find a large group of beetles carpet, then vacuum the area as much and as often as possible. This can reduce a large number of their larvae.

How to get rid of carpet beetles in my house

Most importantly, spray any areas that might be their nest with insect spray (select insect spray products are safe and do not contain many chemicals), usually in the cracks of sofas, wardrobes, and also under the mattress.


Agus Mulyadi