TAT-8, First transatlantic fiber optic cable

The development of global telecommunications connections between Europe to America cannot be separated from the Transatlantic cable communications.

The history of Transatlantic cable communications began when transatlantic telegraph cable was first time installed by Cyrus West Field on 1858.

In 1955, TAT-1 (transatlantic #1) installation project was started, TAT-1 is the first telephone cable system. This Telephone cable system is installed from Gallanach Bay (Scotland) to Clarenville, Newfoundland. The project was inaugurated on 25 September 1956.

After the success of TAT-1, along with the magnitude of the needs of the telecommunication connection between Europe and America, the other Transatlantic project was created, such as TAT-2, TAT-3, TAT-4, TAT-5, TAT-6, and so on.

Major changes occur during the installation of the TAT-8. Because the material in the TAT-8 cable is made of fiber optics. TAT-8 was the first transatlantic cable that uses optical fiber, it is a revolution in telecommunications.

TAT-8 transatlantic fiber optic cable

Optical fiber is a transmission line made of glass or plastic that is very soft and thinner than a strand of hair, optical fiber can be used to transmit light signals from one place to another. This cable is approximately 120 micrometers in diameter and can deliver information at very high speed.

TAT-8 initially carry 40,000 telephone circuits (simultaneous calls) between the United States, Britain and France. TAT-8 was built in 1988 by a consortium of companies led by AT&T Corporation, France Telecom, and British Telecom.

TAT-8 was built at a cost of U.S. $ 335M in 1988 and retired in 2002


Agus Mulyadi